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As a Robofest coach, I have read and agree to abide by the Robofest 2018 rules as they exist now and as they may be set forth during the Robofest season.

As a coach, I am responsible for communicating and enforcing the Robofest rules to team members, team volunteers, and others affiliated with my team. I understand that any rule updates, guidelines, additional information, and announcements will be communicated to me, officially via emails. I am responsible for reading the information and I will relay it to all the people affiliated with my team. If any changes are made to my email account, I will notify Robofest administrators as well as update my coach profile.

As a Robofest coach, I understand that the students come first. Robofest is about the students learning computer technologies, science, engineering, and mathematics. Everything my team does starts and ends with the principle: the students do all of the work. My team members will do the designing and building of the robot, problem solving and programming. Adults can help them find the answers, but cannot give them the answers or make the decisions in detail.

The signing of this code signifies my intent to uphold and maintain the Robofest spirit.

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Please note that the competition fees for registering is R200 per team member. You will receive an email from us with our banking details, after we have received your registration form. Your Registration will be finalized as soon as we have received your proof of payment.


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