Robofest South Africa
Vanderbijlpark; South Africa

The robotics Exhibition is a great way for students to show off their imagination, innovation and creativity. Each team has complete freedom to create interactive and intelligent robotics projects such as robot pets, robots for scientific experiments, and practical robotics applications.There is no specific theme for the exhibition. This allows each team to have ample time throughout the year to plan, build and program their robots

Teams are composed of one to five members. In general, two or three students are recommended per robot. Computer controlled robots may be of any size and can use any material as long as it is safe for humans.

Even if human controlled hard-wired remotes are not allowed, unlike the Game, wireless (host) computer program control is allowed for Exhibition, if the program is written by students. Robot-to-robot as well as human-to-robot interactions are strongly encouraged. Sensors must be employed to assure the robot is interacting with its environment.

What to expect at the competition.

  • Each team will get a pit area for the day. This usually consist of a steel table and an electrical power point for your laptop and other electronics.
  • The team is required to prepare a short speech ( about 3 minutes) to tell everyone attending about their robot and what it can do.
  • After this introduction by the teams, the judging will commence.
  • The winning teams from each category get the opportunity to represent South Africa at the world championships.

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