Robofest South Africa
Vanderbijlpark; South Africa

The Robofest game changes each year.

This is where our moto: Little robots, big missions really come into play. The playing field is not big, normally a standard size plastice table. It may vary though, depending on the mission, but the real fun is to solve the mission by conceiving, planning, building and programming a little robot. There is different scoring opportunities and normally a team has at least two rounds to play the game and show what their robot is capable of. It is not a simple game and it requires some out of the box thinking. therefore, if you are creative in solving problems, this game is definitly for you.

Due to the expensive nature of robotics kits in south africa, we normally play this game with LEGO robots, as most of the schools has invested in these robots over the years. However we are not limited at all. If you have a different kind of robot, and you want to try it out, you can also do that.


The teaser for the 2017 Robot Game:

 Game teasers


RoboHit Logo for South Africa 2017

robo hit logo2017