Robofest South Africa
Vanderbijlpark; South Africa

Robofest SA

We had a great competition and I believe that most of the teams as well as the parents  and visitors enjoyed themselves. Like with all competitions, there is always things that just don't work out for some teams. That is sad, but also part of the whole experience of robotics competitions. I always tell all my teams that " if something can go wrong - it probably will go wrong". It is just that over the years we have seen this happen so many times. The disappointment is always terrible.

But succeed like success and we are so happy for those teams that were succesfull. We hope to see you all back here next year. Just don't give up!


Development Teams winners - EV Awesome

Junior Exhibition winners - Brainiacs

Senior Exhibition Winners - JomoSoco

Junior Gameplay Winners - Callum Easter

Senior Gameplay Winners -  Caitlin Cockroft



Date: 4 March 2017

Venue: North West University (Vaal Campus)

Place : Vanderbijlpark

Starting time: 9h00

Preliminary Program:

9h00:  Pits open for all teams

9h40: Opening Ceremony - Prize giving for the J.FLL teams

10h00: Exhibition presentations ( Each team will have 4 minutes to present)

10h20: Exhibitions judging starts.

10h20: Gameplay  1st Round Starts: School Development teams - Middle School Gameplay - High School Gameplay

11h10 Gameplay  2nd Round Starts: School Development teams - Middle School Gameplay - High School Gameplay

12h00: Closing Ceremony and Prize giving



Directions to the University - Directions:

At our event we will also have 5 Junior FLL teams, exhibiting their research and little robots that they have prepared. Please support them by having a lok at their stuff. They've worked really hard getting ready for this. It is also their first time doing this, so let's make it a wonderful experience for them also.

We will allow 1 hour for gameplay teams to get ready.

We will setup 2 playing fields in the pits area

The program for the day will be available from 27 February 2017 on the website.

Please note that we will follow international guidelines for this competition which means that the pits where the teams are setup will be closed to the public and coaches. Only team members will be allowed in the pit area.


Teams Participating in each Category:

Official Middle Schools Teams
Da Wreckers (Luke & Bradley) CHC Middle    
Joshua Botha Edenv H/s Middle    
Jurgen Hanekom Edenv H/s Middle    
Brainstorm (Oliver and Raylee Baird) Edenv H/s Middle    
Adam Vaubell-Rott Edenv H/s Middle    
Chris Kassimatis Saheti Middle    
Wesley Williams H/s Middle    
Zander Bezuidenhout Orion span Middle    
Schools Development Teams
Stormswinger (Daniel & Jayden) Vaalpark Middle    
EV Awesome KollegePark Middle    
Program Zappers KollegePark Middle    
Robo Monkeys Emfuleni Middle    
Sparkle Bombs Emfuleni Middle    
High School Gameplay Teams
Caitlin Cockroft CHC High    
Luan van der Walt Vdbpark High    
 3  Lukas Cromhout Vdbpark High    
Middle School Exhibition Teams
Brainiacs (Isabel, Wilmar en Ewald) D.F Middle    
Phoenix (Callum Easter)  St.Benedicts Middle    
High School Exhibition Teams
Robo Rats (Danielle/ Jane)  Transvalia High    
Jomosoco (Marco Schnaar-Campbell)  St.Benedicts High    
War Machines (Luke & Andrio)  Homeschool High